Unofficial Zend Framework 1 PEAR channel

Long Term Support

This project consists in the implementation of a PEAR accessible repository for the Zend Framework 1.

Zend Framework

Latest Zend Framework version: VERSION

Release date: Sep 5th, 2019

The official WEB site for the Zend Framework is here.

PEAR Channel Migration Guide

Use the PEAR installer:

1. Remove the installed pear package

pear uninstall zend/zend

2. Remove the old googlecode channel

pear channel-delete

3. Discover the new channel

pear channel-discover

4. Install the package

pear install zend/zend

Pear Channel

The PEAR channel can be discovered using:

pear channel-discover

List of Packages

There is only 1 package (per release) available; it consists in the entire Zend Framework 1 Minimal for a given release.


Use the PEAR installer:

pear install zend/zend


Use the PEAR installer:

pear upgrade zend/zend